Account Management

Our unique approach to strategic account management means your business will be partnered with travel and procurement professionals you can rely on and trust for the best possible results.

Under FCM’s account management program your business will receive:

  • a dedicated and personal account manager with extensive experience in all aspects of corporate travel management
  • effective and ongoing assessment of your spend, existing travel patterns, culture and travel behaviour
  • a strategic business plan that is a ‘living and breathing’ document
  • assistance with supplier negotiations
  • benchmarking
  • compliance measures to maximise the savings from your policy
  • advanced management information reporting.

Central to FCM’s account management program is the knowledge and experience of our people when it comes to reporting and analysis. Our account managers know how to extract, analyse and present the right information to help your organisation get the most value from your spend on travel.

Our service continuum

FCM’s account managers work within a value-adding service continuum, which ensures ongoing development and management of your travel program in line with your core company objectives. These performance drivers enable FCM with input from your organisation to better manage, control and improve your return on investment from travel. FCM’s service continuum ensures our people have an ongoing understanding of your objectives and the delivery of savings, efficiencies and service.