Expense Management

FCM Expense is a fully featured expense management upload system, which will link directly with your chosen expense management system and ensure a seamless data link between our systems and yours.

FCM Expense effectively provides clients with “one-touch business travel”. It eliminates traditional reconciling of what was booked with what was actually spent. Your Company travel bookings and expense reporting are combined into one integrated end-to-end process. This easy-to-use service will assist Your Company to control spend – from the moment your travel is procured all the way through to payment and reporting – by driving compliance and enforcing Your Company policies.

Through FCM Expense, we offer Your Company the most comprehensive travel booking service, giving you access to the broadest selection of content and a user-friendly interface that encourages adoption and helps enforce your specific travel policies. All the data captured during booking and throughout the business trip flows directly into the expense reporting process. Your Company is rewarded with more visibility into your employees’ spend than ever before.

FCM offer the flexibility to issue invoices as periodically as preferred and in a consolidated format encompassing all the enhanced data required.

The tool delivers:

  • Tailored billing solutions including account facility option via FCM Account
  • Enhanced data, driving greater visibility of your travel spend
  • Auto-chargeback facility
  • EDI/Electronic Invoicing
  • Concur integration.

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