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FCM Mobile

The FCM mobile app can be used by travellers globally on their mobile devices including iOS, Android and Blackberry.

Access your upcoming flight details, check in online or receive flight delay and disruption notifications. A handy app for time management - FCM Mobile will also proactively update you on any schedule delays. Check your flight status with real time information about your trip at any time on your departure day...and when you arrive at your destination, use the local weather reports to plan your day or browse the travel and event guides to find the best places to explore.


  • View details of your next flight, including baggage allowances
  • Check the weather forecast for your destination, as well as a City Safe rating
  • Ensure your booking is authorised and seat selection is completed
  • Select your mode of transport to the airport (e.g. taxi or driving) and Concierge will calculate what time you need to leave. This includes local taxi contacts, GPS navigation and alerts on the road if you are unlikely to arrive at the gate on time
  • Find gate info for your flight, and whether it is on time on a single screen
  • Should you need to change flights, Concierge will display alternatives, with a RouteHappy score, and any additional costs
  • Access your hotel details, including phone number and address, as well as map location
  • Access your car rental details, including address, map location and phone number

FCM Mobile is compatible with:

  • iPhones (iOS V4.3 or higher)
  • Android (V2.2 or higher)
  • BlackBerry (v6.0.0 or higher,selected device compatibility)

Download the app from: