Risk Management

Effectively manage risk with FCM Secure

FCM Secure is FCM’s comprehensive approach to travel risk management, which supports an organisations’ duty of care obligations. FCM Secure is an unrivalled travel risk management program that offers companies more value and support than other program currently on offer in the market.

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Secure Start

Secure Start is a no cost program for FCM’s customers. Secure Start acts as a starting point for building your individual travel risk management program.

The program includes:

  • Itinerary based traveller tracking

  • Colour coded, ‘risk map’ dashboard (powered by iJET International)

  • GPS/mobile based traveller tracking (traveller opt in)

  • FCM global crisis communications process (email and SMS)

  • Subscription-based security alerts to travel managers (powered by iJET)

  • Security alerts available for travellers via FCM’s portal product

FCM Secure - Protect

Secure Protect is the culmination of our base, no-cost offering (Secure Start) and additional paid features. Features are priced per passenger name record (PNR) basis, so when a feature is purchased, the fee applies to 100% of client reservations, regardless of utilisation levels.

Secure Protect features include:

  • Communications – this feature allows client administrators the ability to send their own, ad hoc email and SMS text messages to travellers from a traveller location report. This feature also supports the automatic distribution of relevant alerts to travellers.

  • Trip briefing tied to itinerary – distribution of security briefings, based upon traveller itineraries.

  • Custom messaging – a custom message can be generated and sent to the traveller via email based upon client custom rules. 

  • Automated report distribution – A dynamic report can be created and emailed to the client administrator based upon client provided custom rules. 

Secure Outreach

Secure Outreach is a global response hotline combining travel logistics and crisis response support. Secure Outreach has been designed specifically for FCM’s customer network. Initially available in specific FCM markets (Australia, US, and UK), this hotline is a useful, third party supplement to FCM’s operations and after-hours emergency services.

Employees of eligible clients that purchase Secure Outreach have access to a hotline staffed and supported 24/7 by iJET’s world-class global response operations. Participating clients in need of security assistance can be transferred by an FCM representative directly to a response coordinator to help them through their crisis.Clients with more than 500 travellers, have the option to purchase a customised response hotline for an additional cost.

Corporate medical and evacuations insurance – custom plans based upon each client’s coverage needs can be provided in conjunction with the FCM Secure program and our preferred suppliers.