Travel Reporting

FCM ClientBank

Offering exceptional data capabilities for procurement, consolidation, quality control and output, FCM ClientBank ensures you have the critical intelligence to identify every possible travel saving. Interactive, key performance indicator scorecards allow you to track, monitor and measure areas in your program with user-defined reporting metrics.

Use FCM’s reporting tool to review different program areas with a heat mapping functionality that flags where you’re performing strongly or need more work or use ClientBank to internally benchmark the performance of different divisions within your company.

ClientBank’s portfolio of pre-defined reports including dashboards and KPI scorecards, as well as on-demand reporting, give you detailed analysis on your travel activity. Additionally, ClientBank provides traveller location maps to ensure you know where your people are at all times.


FCM ClientBank Connect

Unique to FCM Travel Solutions, ClientBank Connect is a scalable reporting solution that gives customers more insight into their company travel. 

With more than 150 content fields, users can slice and dice their data in new ways for more in-depth analysis of travel spend and behaviour.

ClientBank Connect gives customers access to third-party sources to run cross-platform analytics on travel and non-travel expense data. Made possible via data ‘connectors’ that draw on intelligence from external sources such as iJET International and Concur, this functionality simplifies the analysis of external data sources.

ClientBank Connect has an extensive range of dashboards that provide critical analysis that can be used by you or your FCM account manager to facilitate travel program change and improvement.

Clients can drill down on data elements for deeper analysis and analyse everything from supplier management contracts to traveller behaviour or savings and policy exceptions. Users can also build their own customised reports and dashboards.